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Drive Away in Your New Car with Our Lease & Finance Calculator With Lender Programs & Save Big!"

Lease & Finance Calculator

A lease calculator is a valuable tool for anyone looking to lease a car or other vehicle. It allows you to input information such as the price of the vehicle, the down payment, and the length of the lease, and then calculates the monthly payment.

Our lease calculator takes this one step further by also pulling lender programs. This means that you can transparency into lender program variables and find the best deal for you.

Having the ability to obtain lender programs available to you, such as money factor or Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) can save you a significant amount of money in the long run regardless of leasing or financing.

Dealers may mark up the money factor (also known as the lease factor or lease rate) or the APR (Also known as the finance rate) on a vehicle lease or finance deal for a variety of reasons.

One of the main reasons is to increase their profit margin on the sale of the vehicle.

The money factor is used to calculate the lease payment, and it is expressed as a decimal rather than an interest rate. A higher money factor means a higher monthly payment. Dealers may increase the money factor in order to make more money on the sale of the vehicle. Similarly dealers may also increase the APR on a finance deal in order to make additional profit as well.

Another reason dealers may mark up the money factor or the finance rate is to offset any incentives or discounts they may be offering on the vehicle.

For example, if a dealer is offering a large discount on the vehicle but wants to maintain their profit margin, they may increase the money factor or finance rate to make up for the lost revenue.

Additionally, dealers may mark up the money factor or finance rate to compensate for any additional costs they may incur, such as advertising, financing, or other expenses.

In summary, dealers may mark up the money factor or finance rate on a vehicle lease or finance deal to increase their profit margin, offset any discounts or incentives, or compensate for additional costs.

By obtaining the "buy rate" for your next vehicle lease or finance deal, you can obtain the best deal.

In the context of auto financing, the buy rate is the rate at which a lender is willing to purchase a car loan or lease from a dealership. The dealership, in turn, uses the buy rate to calculate the interest rate they will offer to the customer. This means that the buy rate is used as a benchmark for determining the interest rate that the customer will pay on their car loan. As mentioned earlier dealers can mark up the "buy rate" to a higher "sell rate" to

Our calculator is user-friendly and easy to use, simply input the details of the vehicle you are interested in leasing and the calculator will provide you with the monthly payment, along with the different lender programs available to you.

Not only does this tool save you time and money but also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have found the best deal possible.

In summary, our lease calculator is a valuable resource for anyone looking to lease a vehicle. By pulling lender programs, it allows you to easily compare financing options and find the best deal for you. Save time and money, and get peace of mind by using our lease calculator today!


Calculator Features

Structure Lease, Finance, and Cash complete with National and Regional Captive Lender programs data to include all the essential variables needed to accurately structure a payment.

Lease Calculator Features

Lease Program Data to include Residual values, Money factors, and incentives across a variety of terms.

Finance Calculator Features

Finance Program Data to include incentives when using captive lenders.

Cash Calculator Features

Cash Program Data to include incentives for buying with cash or using a non-captive lender.

Expect a very close, but not exact, Finance or Lease Payment. Calculating a penny perfect payment is quite unrealistic, especially when leasing. Taxes and fees will vary by region, and add-on fees can vary from brand to brand. No matter how hard you try, you're almost guaranteed to leave some fees out of the equation. But you can get pretty close.


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