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Nissan Lease Deals So Low, They're Almost Criminal

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Are you looking for a new car but don't want to commit to a long-term lease? Look no further than Nissan's latest lease deals, which are shaking up the industry with their short terms and high residual values.

One of the standout deals is the 18/10 lease for January 2023 offered by Nissan Motor Acceptance Company (NMAC) the captive lending arm For Nissan on the 2023 Nissan Frontier S Crew Cab SWB. This lease term is only 18 months long with an annual mileage of 10,000 miles, but the residual value (RV) is an impressive 97%. This means that you'll only be paying for the 3% depreciation over the course of the 18-month lease, which works out to around $1,000.

But the Frontier isn't the only Nissan model with a great lease deal. The SV Crew Cab SWB has an RV of 95% and the Pro Crew Cab has an RV of 94%. This means you'll be paying very little for depreciation over the course of the lease.

Additionally the following 2023 models also have insanely high 18 month residual values at 10,000 miles driven annually.


Residual Value

Money Factor

​Nissan Altima SV & SV AWD



Nissan Altima SR & SR AWD



Nissan Murano S AWD



Nissan Murano SV AWD



Nissan Murano SL AWD



Nissan Pathfinder S AWD



Nissan Pathfinder SV AWD



Nissan Pathfinder SL AWD



Nissan Pathfinder Platinum AWD



Not only are these lease deals affordable, but they also give you the flexibility to upgrade to a new car in just 18 or 24 months. Plus, the 2022 Frontier, Altima, and Pathfinder has been remodeled with a new cabin design and technology that puts it on par with its competitors. It also boasts impressive towing and payload capacity, as well as a more efficient engine.

Now we understand the lease money factors on these models are ridiculously high between .00276 - .00339 which converts to an APR range of 6.624% - 8.136%.

The secret is to take advantage of the One Pay and Multiple Security Deposits (MSDs) Program offered by NMAC.

Drop your money factor down to .00286 or 6.864% with a "One Pay lease. "One pay" or "prepaid" leases are a type of lease in which the lessee pays all of the lease payments upfront, at the beginning of the lease term. This means that instead of making monthly payments over the course of the lease, the lessee makes one lump sum payment that covers the entire lease term.

Furthermore you can also drop the money factor a second time, essentially double dipping, with MSDs.

A security deposit on a lease is a sum of money that the lessee pays to the lessor at the beginning of the lease term as a form of collateral. The purpose of the security deposit is to protect the lessor against potential damages to the vehicle or unpaid lease payments at the end of the lease term.

It's important to keep in mind that security deposit may not be refundable if the vehicle is returned with excessive wear and tear or if there are any unpaid charges or fees. It's also important to read the lease agreement carefully and understand the terms and conditions for the security deposit before signing a lease.

It's also important to note that security deposit is not the same as the down payment. A down payment is a sum of money that is used to reduce the amount of the lease payments and can also be used to reduce the amount of the security deposit.

Per NMAC if you are electing to do a SignatureOne Pay lease Customers can pay for up to nine (9) security deposits to reduce the customer money factor.

  • A minimum of two (2) refundable security deposits are required to qualify for a money factor reduction.

  • The money factor reduction of .00010 will be given for each security deposit starting with the second security deposit.

  • A maximum reduction of .00090 money factor is allowed.

  • The money factor after the reduction must be equal to or greater than .00003

  • The amount of one security deposit is: Calculated on the base monthly payment using current NMAC Signature published money factor prior to the reduction.

For Example: if the base monthly payment before the reduction is $724.14 the amount of the security deposit would be $750. Use this amount when calculating the total amount of the security deposit

Now picture this and lets structure a lease scenario.


Standard Money Factor

One Pay Money Factor

Post 10 MSDs Money Factor

​2023 Nissan Altima SV & SV AWD




Nissan Pathfinder SV AWD




2023 Nissan Altima SV AWD - 18/10 Lease

MSRP - $29,000

Residual Value


Money Factor w/One Pay & MSDs

.00196 or 4.704%

Assumed Discount

8.25% - Available via our Buying Service

Sales Price


Total One Pay - $4,600

Total MSDs - $1,800

Effective Monthly Payment Over 18 Months w/MSDs Refunded


But the deals don't stop there. Nissan is also offering special promotions and incentives on other models such as the Altima, Sentra, and Rogue. With these deals, you can lease a brand new Nissan for an incredibly low monthly payment.

If you're in the market for a new car, now is the time to take advantage of Nissan's crazy lease deals. Be sure to check out our deals spreadsheet for more information on the monthly payments for each Nissan model and to fill out an inquiry form. Use our Lease Calculator to pull NMAC programs and structure your own payment. And don't forget to follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok for the latest and greatest lease deals in the industry.

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